Casting Call

The 2nd Dolce Revolution Project will be a multi-setting mixed-media performance at The Arts Club of Washington's historic Monroe House.

The ability to move well is important for all roles, so dance experience is helpful but not required.

Audition Dates:

Wednesday March 6th, 3 - 7pm
Wednesday March 13th, 3 - 7pm 

Additional dates/times may be added. 

To schedule an audition, please email dolcerevolution@fabum.org with a headshot and resume (or a picture and brief description of your prior experience). 

Actors will have the option of a 1-2 minute prepared monologue or a cold-reading. While unpaid, there will be a small stipend after the performances. Transportation reimbursement is also possible. 

***The roles:
  • The Event Planner/Morpheus (MALE or FEMALE, any age): an androgynous and ethereal character who plays 'host' to the evening, but is also a spiritual entity that goes between dimensions/time.
  • The Bride (FEMALE, 20-35): statuesque, elegant woman who is conflicted on the evening of her wedding...dance experience helpful.
  • The Groom/'The Self' (MALE, 20-35): debonaire, intelligent man who is in love with his bride-to-be, but who also has a past...
  • Best man/'The Shadow' (MALE, 20-35): clever, funny and a little hard-edged...exudes sexuality and wants a carefree lifestyle. 
  • The Three Goddesses (FEMALE, 20-65+): THREE different women to play goddesses, each representing a different Chakra, as well as mother, daughter, and wife.
  • Anima (MALE, 20-35): represents femininity and all its mysteries and allows a man to relate with or understand women.
  • Animus (FEMALE, 20-35): the same as Anima - with gender roles reversed.
  • Piano Player (MALE, any age): must be able to play for up to 90 minutes from sheet music while occasionally interacting with audience members - ideally we are looking for 'Sam' from Casablanca, but are somewhat flexible with the character.

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We look forward to seeing you! Be you. Be dolce.

Kelsea Johnson and Eva Meier of Youth Program FABUM were each connected with an individual who graduated from or is currently attending one of their top-choice universities. They reached out for advice on the admissions process, what the campus environment and surroundings are like, matriculating into higher education with a focus on the arts, and anything else they were curious about. 

Kelsea has her sights set on Columbia University, where Arpita Mukherjee is currently a Masters student: Arpita Mukherjee has been there. Whether it be running a theatre non-profit or working for a recruiting firm that hires Deans and Presidents of universities, Arpita Mukherjee has seen what it takes to get people to do work, even for free. She has written, produced, and directed several productions, most notable of which are Love Times Seven: A Bollywood Musical, My First Time (only directed), Moving Forward, and I AM SAAM. A classically trained dancer, Arpita has also worked on musicals – one with a Sufi rock band, another a Bollywood extravaganza. She is currently studying Non-Fiction writing at Columbia University, which is very different from everything she has done before but also entirely the same. She enjoys writing about anything and everything and wants to read every single book out there. She is not a realist, except in her writing, which fiercely guards the truth, while trying to find ways to evade it. She keeps a blog: www.thetalkingbread.wordpress.com.

Eva, who has also decided she wants an urban college experience, was recently accepted to Marymount Manhattan College! Allison Louise is a MMC theatre arts alumna, and has worked on projects like the Teen Nick (Nickelodeon) Halo Awards in Los Angeles, the annual World Wide Day of Play for Nickelodeon, Muhammed Ali's 70th Birthday Party in Las Vegas for ESPN and ABC, various UnPlugged Episodes for MTV, Storytellers for VH1, and many others in her role with Alex Coletti Productions. She is also co-creator of Ooooh Yeah Productions, which produces the webseries Gentrified.