From left: Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Eva Meier and Kelsea Johnson
Kelsea Johnson and Eva Meier, the current members of Youth Program FABUM and the organization's first interns, met with acclaimed choreographer-'dance-maker', artist, and US cultural envoy Dana Tai Soon Burgess today to discuss careers in the arts.

Both talented young ladies are students at Washington, DC's School Without Walls, a unique high school in the nation's capital that is internationally-focused, and gives gifted young people the opportunity to engage in a wide range of special programs, with an emphasis on Advanced Placement classes and encouragement to be community leaders.

Kelsea and Eva spoke with Dana about pre-collegiate and post-collegiate planning, and had questions about access into the world of educated and trained artists who want to make a difference in the world. Both want to continue their artistic focus, but have very individualistic approaches. Kelsea, who is interested in performance art, theatre and film, is also planning to study politics. Eva, who captains the dance team at School Without Walls, intends on pursuing dance but is also interested in psychology. Today's encounter shed light on the intersection of art and work towards community good.

Burgess, a world-renowned choreographer and a US State Department cultural envoy - recently named a "national dance treasure" by Pulitzer Prize winner Sarah Kaufman - will be featured for the second time at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in 2013. He was being honored later that evening by The Arts Club of Washington as part of their "Evenings With Extraordinary Artists". Burgess has and continues to tour extensively throughout the world with his company DTSB&Co., through which he explores issues of identity, cultural archetypes, and human connectedness. He was thrilled to speak and engage with the two current FABUM Associates, both of whom are ambitious young women in their senior year at School Without Walls, and in the midst of applying to universities.

Part of FABUM's youth program is connecting young adults interested and already involved in the arts with individuals who have established, arts-related careers.



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