The FABUM Associates receiving applause.
It is a bittersweet time as summer approaches. The two current FABUM Associates, Kelsea Johnson and Eva Meier, are graduating from School Without Walls in June. As they prepare to move onto the next phase in their educational and individual journeys, we wanted to honor them for their contributions over the last year. They have taken part in the organizing and implementing of performances and fundraisers, events and exhibitions. They have met diverse and talented professionals across a spectrum of artistic disciplines. 

You have followed them on this blog, on Facebook and maybe even met them at one of our supercool events. Some of you joined us Thursday afternoon at The Arts Club of Washington to see a showcase of original choreography and dancing talent. Artistic director Jameson Freeman and managing director Lisa Grimes were joined by Heather Pultz of School Without Walls and Nichola Hayes of The Arts Club, as well as past YPF mentor Dana Tai Soon Burgess in presenting the afternoon's program. An end-of-year stipend was awarded following the performance, which was generously sponsored by FABUM Board member Laura Livoy.

This was an opportunity for the two young women to exhibit their own brilliance, as they have assisted with the exhibiting of others' for the last year. They're not leaving yet! We still have The 2nd Dolce Revolution Project to get through, but Thursday was a marvelous, pre-graduation gathering to acknowledge two 'dolce' people.



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