Kelsea Johnson and Eva Meier of Youth Program FABUM have been rehearsing for Thursday, May 25th's 'Spring Occurrence' at The Arts Club of Washington - a showcase of their talent, and an opportunity to share the program with arts-interested DC students! This past Monday, they were invited to rehearse/perform their original dance piece in front of a class at The George Washington University. After the two Associates shared their dance work, they watched an in-process piece performed by the class, and shared in a discussion about choreographic process. Since Johnson and Meier are both dancers (as is obvious), this was especially meaningful. This was a great opportunity for feedback, practice and learning for everyone that was there! Check out the photos from our marvelous Monday!


I can tell you that not many people see the meaning and importance of homework. In any case a research has it that students below high school age hardly benefit from homework. Most parents view it as too engaging for their children.

07/20/2016 10:52am

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How many hours per week do you train? Where do I have to take this free time?


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