Artistic Director Jameson Freeman & Kelsea Johnson (3rd, 4th from left) stand with the honorable Board of Directors of the State Board of Education of DC and others at One Judiciary Square, July 31, 2013.

Kelsea Johnson, a graduating senior from School Without Walls and one of the 'founding associates' of Youth Program FABUM was honored by the DC State Board of Education for her service as a Student Representative. This post is highly selective, as only 2 students from the District of Columbia are chosen each year. 

Even more marvelous - Kelsea received a ceremonial resolution in her name (passed unanimously, of course) by the Board of Directors! It was a very special evening and a testament to her talent and motivation as a young adult who will do great things. We are so privileged to have had her be part of FABUM's journey, and we look forward to seeing how she inspires others as she continues on her own journey.

FABUM Artistic Director Jameson Freeman spoke at the hearing, thanking Kelsea for her work with the organization during its founding year and her help with numerous events and performances from January 2012 until her graduation this past June. 

Thank you, and we will miss you Kelsea!



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