As part of Youth Program FABUM, Associates participate in a professional photoshoot when they leave the program in order to supply them with headshots and portfolio pictures. Check out some of the candids from Sunday's shoot with Dented Lens Photography on our Facebook page, as well as some video clips and more. Be sure to Like us!

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It such a massive youth program photo-shot organized by professional team and this is very encouraging especially for those with family and career obligations to attend to. However, the challenge is the credits offered in this kind of arrangement are only up to 25 percent.

05/16/2016 7:12am

Photo-shoot is very interesting for new generation . i like very much photo shoot , if we use photo shoot as a profession then we get great money and success .

07/20/2016 10:45am

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01/27/2017 9:52am

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02/05/2017 8:33am

This was a great summer in the school of photo. I've improve my skills.

04/25/2017 12:52am

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