Today at School Without Walls high school in Washington, D.C., FABUM hosted a student lunch hour to engage students for the next academic year of Youth Program FABUM. The program, now in its second year, will offer arts-interested students the opportunity to nurture their own artistic interests. There are no restrictions on the discipline the students can explore. The organization will connect them with mentors, arts professionals, and arrange for them to have a platform to present their work.

Jameson Freeman and Nichola Hays, artistic director and associate artistic director, as well as intern Veronica Sesana, joined teaching artist Heather Pultz for an afternoon gathering of performance, sharing of visual art and more.

Students performed live music, and a number of talented student-artists brought examples of their drawings and paintings. FABUM is excited to work with a new group of students and provide new outlets for self-expression!  'Like' FABUM on Facbook!



04/28/2015 10:59am

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