As part of Youth Program FABUM, Zawadi will assist with our creative youth events, as well as our upcoming production for The Dolce Revolution Project series.

About Zawadi:

Zawadi Carroll is a junior at The School Without Walls High School in Washington, DC. She has been dancing since the age of two, including African dance with Coyaba Dance Company. Recently, she has been taking modern dance technique with teacher and choreographer Heather Pultz. She is also currently learning ballet. Zawadi acts with the performing arts group, City at Peace in which they use theatre to overthrow systems of oppression in the DC community. In October 2012 she modeled in Circa 34's second annual benefit fashion show. Zawadi enjoys all art forms as well as running, traveling, cooking, and fashion. She is passionate about being part of the artistic community of DC and hopes to expand on her experiences through interning with FABUM.



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