Non-profit arts group FABUM is holding auditions for its 3rd Dolce Revolution Project series.

This is a non-traditional theatre show to be performed at the historic Arts Club of Washington.

FABUM uses a collaborative approach to its performances, and actors are encouraged to provide input during rehearsals and participate in the creative process. The show will explore the anxieties and absurdities of a 'surveillance society'.

You are welcome to come with a prepared monologue or be provided slides when you arrive.

Roles (working character titles - no ethnic requirements for any):

Boldman - fit, attractive male; narcissistic

Apprentice - any gender; eager to learn

Announcer/Host - male (but gender negotiable) with great "television game show" voice

Secret Agents (3) - any gender; archetypical secret agents; often ridicule those they spy on

Fake Bohemians (2) - any gender; self-absorbed and addicted to social media

The first round of auditions will be Thursday, October 9th, 4-8pm. Additional dates may be announced shortly.

*UPDATE: Additional auditions to be held Thursday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 22nd from 3-6:30pm. Please email dolce.revolution (at) to reserve a time.

*UPDATE: Some roles may be redesigned/renamed.


To schedule a timeslot please email a picture/resume or short introduction and your preferred 15 minute window to dolce.revolution (at)



It will be great to be a part of this non-traditional theater show. A lot of people try to have this opportunity. If you are good at producing the best audience is waiting for you. For this you need to be more innovative.

David Brundage
10/14/2014 6:38pm

I spoke with Jameson last week in front of the Arts Club. He liked my operatic voice for perhaps the announcer role. Please me contact so I can send my musical bio.

04/23/2016 7:33am

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