We have a cast and crew!
The artists taking part in FABUM's 3rd Dolce Revolution Project: See You See:

  • Suzanne Watts
  • Eileen Haley
  • Mitch Irzinski
  • Allyn Moushey
  • DeVon Jackson
  • Fausto Amaya
  • David Brundage
  • Writer/Director/Producer: Jameson Freeman
  • Assistant Director: Tish Carter
  • Assistant Producer: Nichola Hays
  • Production Assistants: Zawadi Carroll and Liz Williams

Stay tuned for show dates and more as we start rehearsing!



Martha Ozer
10/30/2014 9:51am

Eileen Haley is my good friend...I am eager to see her perform!!! 😃

Dolce Revolutionary
11/24/2014 11:49am

Eileen is amazing! We're so excited to work with her again. See you at one of the performances!

11/30/2014 12:16pm

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06/24/2016 10:39am

Good luck with the production.

07/20/2016 10:55am

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08/23/2016 4:39am

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02/05/2017 8:24am

It was quiet good performance, At least there were no free space at the hall.


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